Algorithmic Trading Systems
  • Trading Systems for the Euro Currency, Crude Oil, E-mini S&P, DAX, Bund, and more..
  • Everyone knows about a gap fill. How to trade the next move after a gap fill.
  • Complete Open Code Disclosed​- Tradestation, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts with C# as well as Powerlanguage/Easylanguage.
  • MACD and Stochastic Strategy Setups - How to use the MACD Indicator and Stochastics in a real world strategy to trade with the trend.
  • Multi contract exit strategies. Does trading multiple exit strategies really work?  We break it down.
  • Multi trend detection techniques - Chapter 15. This is an introduction on how to employ artificial intelligence techniques.
  • And So Much More... 300+ pages for a comprehensive approach to strategy development.
Learn How to Trade Crude Oil

Crude Oil is one of the most volatile markets to trade. The opportunity for profit as well as the risk of loss can draw in many traders who focus on the big movements and see the potential trading opportunities. Most walk away with less than they came in with. Most don't have a strategy and while those who do, abandon the strategy at the wrong time.

Having a strategy gives us the best chance of success. In Algorithmic Trading Systems we go as far as any trading systems book can go to show you the exact rules of the trading system, including the open code in both EasyLanguage, PowerLanguage, and C# Ninjascript.

This books offers a practical approach to trading systems. You won't find any tricky mathematical formulas but a basic discussion of markets and trading systems. 

You don't have to be a quant to have a trading plan.

Discover Trading Strategies for the Euro Currency Futures and Forex Markets

The forex markets trade 24 hours a day. Discover how we find gap opportunities in 24 hour markets. (Hint - volume analysis). The trade on the right is a recent trade in the Euro Currency futures on Friday June 24, 2016. Britain voted to leave the EU. Overnight selling persisted until the European session open. It created a nice gap open trade that capture 99 pips during the #BREXIT on a counter trend trade. 

Custom Sessions are one of the keys to analyzing 24 Hour markets.

We include two different trading strategies around "gaps" in the forex markets that give us an opportunity to take counter trend trades. The open code and setups for Tradestation, NinjaTrader, and MultiCharts are included for both of the forex strategies.

Tradestation Webinar Replay
Learn a Strategy to Go Long or Short in the E-mini S&P (After the Gap!)
Crude Oil is One of the Hottest Commodity Markets - Here is How We Trade It
What You Will Learn In This Book

Discover advanced trading strategies for the futures markets. Trade multiple futures markets such as the E-mini S&P, Crude Oil, Euro Currency, DAX, and German Bund. Advanced techniques include multiple exit strategies and trend filtering. We discuss coding logic and include the open code for NinjaTrader’s C# and Tradestation’s EasyLanguage which also works in MultiChart's PowerLanguage.

We challenge the Lies of Wall Street that put money in your brokers pocket instead of yours with our Trading System Principles. “You can’t go broke taking profits” (indeed you can!) and “Don’t let a winning trade turn into a losing trade” (not always true) are two biased trading “pearls” that can hurt your trading account if they aren’t applied correctly.

Complete Chapter List
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Gap Fills in the Euro Currency
  • Chapter 3: Gap Fills in the German Bund
  • Chapter 4: Gap Fill and Reverse
  • Chapter 5: Gap Fill and Reverse in the DAX
  • Chapter 6: Gap Fill and Reverse in Crude Oil
  • Chapter 7: Gap Fill and Reverse in the Euro Currency
  • Chapter 8: Important Trading System Principles
  • Chapter 9: How to Test Trading Systems with Limit Orders
  • Chapter 10: How Profit Targets Affect Trading Performance
  • Chapter 11: Big Profit Targets
  • Chapter 12: Going Broke Taking Profits
  • Chapter 13: How Stop Losses Affect Trading Performance
  • Chapter 14: Multiple Exit Strategies
  • Chapter 15: Testing Different Entry Techniques & Learning Code
  • Chapter 16: Membership Website and Code
  • Chapter 17: Conclusion
Yes, I Want Algorithmic Trading Systems
Here's What People Are Saying
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"This over 200 page book is full of useful information for the algorithmic trader. It comes with ready to trade strategy codes for both Tradestation/Multicharts and NinjaTrader......What I like most is the chapter about how to add different trend rules. This has made a big difference in my own strategy development.
The book is well worth the money and I give it 5 stars."
Rikard F.
Amazon 5 Star Review
"I am a TradeStation client who has been coding in EasyLanguage for 20 years, and I think this book is very well done........There are several fully disclosed and actionable trading systems here.....if you are a system trader who is looking for ideas and code, this book is right in your wheelhouse, and is one of only a handful of books that really deliver in this area.
Well done, & two thumbs up!
Lance F.
Amazon 5 Star Review
"Great Book, this is definitely not a introductory book. experienced traders, either discretionary or algorithmic should read it to get new trading ideas, plus david shows not only the rules for the system but also the code and how you should set up your platform in order to trade it. BTW, the strategies are real tradable strategies.
From all the trading books that i have read so far, i can say that most of them only talk about trading philosophy and psychology, some of them talk about basic strategies and dont event show statistics, other show statistics but do not show the code. But this book has it all, and I think that every single trading book should be written as this one."
Amazon Customer
Amazon 5 Star Review
"As a TradeStation user, I find this a helpful tool. This book is an easy read and very practical for readers who are current TradeStation users.
The language in the book could be a little overwhelming if you've never used TradeStation or NinjaTrader, but if you are current users, this book is must-have!
This book contains over 200 pages of full-color screen shots and step-by-step illustrations on building and understanding strategies in their respective trading platforms."
Shane H.
Amazon 5 Star Review
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